Trusted and Secure

What happens to

your secrets when you die?

With our secure web app, you can store your secrets and release them to a trusted party upon your death. And, inform faraway friends & family of your demise.

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How does it work?

BeyondDemise is designed to be simple and easy to use. Simply create an account, upload your secrets, and assign the trusted individuals who will receive it upon your passing. Once you're set up, you can rest assured that your digital legacy is secure and will be handled according to your wishes.


Why does it matter?

In today's digital age, we store most of our important information online. This includes personal documents, financial records, social media accounts, and precious memories. When we pass away, this information can become inaccessible to our loved ones, leaving them without the important details they need to settle our affairs and preserve our legacies.

BeyondDemise ensures that your digital assets are safe and easily accessible to your chosen beneficiaries, providing peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.


You can trust us

BeyondDemise employs industry-leading encryption techniques to protect your information, ensuring that your digital legacy remains confidential and secure. Our commitment to safeguarding your privacy is unwavering, allowing you to use our app with complete peace of mind.


What are people saying?


"BeyondDemise gave me peace of mind knowing my digital life is in safe hands. It's like a digital time capsule for my secrets!"

Kara T, Pilot

"Managing sensitive information is a breeze with BeyondDemise. An essential tool for ensuring a smooth transition of financial matters to loved ones."

John D, Financial Planner

"BeyondDemise is a game-changer! Now I can pass on my digital legacy, ensuring my social media accounts reflect my true story even after I'm gone."

Emily R, Social Media Maven

"This app is a lifesaver! BeyondDemise makes it simple to organise and share vital information with my family, ensuring they have what they need when the time comes."

Michael H, Family Man

"BeyondDemise is not just secure; it's a creative way to ensure my artistic projects live on. It's the digital guardian angel every creative mind needs!"

Alicia DC, Artist

"Traveling the world, I wanted a solution for my digital legacy. BeyondDemise ensures my adventures, photos, and travel details are preserved for future generations."

David B, Retiree and Traveller

"As someone in the healthcare field, privacy is paramount. BeyondDemise provides a trustworthy platform, allowing me to secure and share my medical and personal information seamlessly."

Emma L, Healthcare Professional